Motorized Projector Lift

Motorised Projector Lift

Generally, the projector can be lifted in the celling; while using it, just press a button or through remote controller. Being lifted in the celling, the projector is able to be protected well and occupies no more space.

Technical Index (default unit:mm)
Exterior size: 360 (length) x 320 (width) x 320 ( height)
Decoration panel size: 480 x 480 (can be customer)
Decoration panel installation hole: 420 x 420
ceiling fixing panel size: 360 x 260ceiling fixing panel installation hole: 320 x 220
max size for the projector:
420 (length) x 420 ( width) x 210 (height)
Length: 1000/1500/2000
net weight: 20KG
Load capacity: 15KG – 25KG (can be costumed)
Power: 25W
Power voltage at 220V/110V

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