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Apeosport IV – C3370 / C4470

ApeosPort-IV C5570 / C4470 / C3370 / C2270
Digital Color Multifunction Devices are colorful innovation. 
ApeosPort-IV C5570 / C4470 / C3370 / C3371*/ C2270 Digital Color Multifunction Devices are colorful innovation. Print. Copy. Scan. Fax. Innovation that drives document production to a new level. Breakthrough technologies deliver superb color speed,better reliability,easy-to-use advanced features and environmentally conscious engineering. Put you in control,with some of the most advanced output security features in the industry. And our advanced reporting and management tools help you keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Fuji Xerox’s Apeos iiX (Apeos Internet Integration based on XML and SOAP) is a software platform inside the ApeosPort-IV C5570 / C4470 / C3370 / C3371* /C2270 multifunction devices that can be customized to meet your specific functional requirements. By connecting several business critical applications,you can increase staff productivity,as well as improve business and environmental efficiencies.
The appearance and control panel have also been redesigned. Every aspect of the product is now easier to use.
One point of contact
User operation has been consolidated to the blue-colored center of the product. The white used for
the rest of the product harmonizes with the surroundings, while the use of high-contrast blue makes it
possible for users to easily find and access the multifunction device and necessary functions in an


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Adopt ‘Energy Star’ standards that meet the lowest TEC value

  • Low energy consumption,2w at sleep mode
  • The quickest start-up time of just 3 seconds
  • LED image scanning enables greater brightness and reduces
    power consumption by 70%
  • Low noise
  • Use of Lead-Free shaft
  • Use of Biomass Plastic to reduce the CO2 emission
  • Compact design equivalent to black & white machine.

High Productivity

  • Fast printing and copying at up to 50ppm for Color
  • Fast scanning at up to 70ipm for Color and Black and White
  • Standard Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
  • Intuitive,easy to use color user interface
  • Same output speed for color and black & white
  • Searchable PDF creation for scanning
  • Allows the printing of images and storing of scanned images directly from and onto USB storage devices

Various Finishing Options

  • Finisher-A1: Inner Stapler
  • Finisher-B1: Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher/Bi-Folder/Booklet Maker (Folding line)
  • Finisher-C1: Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher
  • Booklet Finisher-C1: Stacker/Stapler/Hole Puncher/Bi-Folder/Booklet Maker

Sophisticated network management features

  • Comply IPv6,IPsec,SNMPv3 and IEEE802.1x

Functions & Specifications

 Item ApeosPort-IV C5570 ApeosPort-IV C4470 ApeosPort-IV C3370 ApeosPort-IV C3371* ApeosPort-IV C2270
 Type Console TYPE
  Memory [ApeosPort CPS]1.5GB (Max. 2GB)
 HDD *2 80GB(Usable Space: 40GB) Apeos Port: Standard
 Colour Capability Full Color
 Scanning Resolution 600x600dpi
 Printing Resolution 1,200×2,400dpi (Multi-value-photo) 600x600dpi (Text / Text-Photo / Photo / Map)
 Halftone / Printable Colors Each Color 256 shades (16.7 million color)
 Warm-up Time 28 sec or less (at room temperature 20oC)
24 sec or less when the main power is on (at room temperature 20oC)
 Original Paper Size Max. 297x432mm (A3,11×17″) for both sheet original and book original
 Output Paper Size Max. SRA3 12.6×17.7″ (320×449.6mm),12×18″ (304.8×457.2mm)
[For Bypass Tray,Max: 320.0×482.6mm]
Min. A5
For Bypass Tray,Postcard (100x148mm),Envelope (120x235mm)]
Image loss Within 4mm for lead edge,Within 2mm for trail edge,Within 2mm for rear/front side
 Output Paper Weight *3 Tray 60 – 256gsm
Bypass Tray 55 – 280gsm
HCF B1 55 – 216gsm
 First Copy Output Time A4LEF BW: 3.7sec BW: 4.4sec BW: 4.9sec BW: 4.9sec BW: 6.6sec
A4LEF Color: 5.2sec Color: 5.7sec Color: 6.4sec Color: 6.4sec Color: 8.7sec
 Reduction / Enlargement Size-to-Size 1:1±0.7%
Preset 1: 0.500,1: 0.707,1:0.816,1:0.866,1:1.154,1:1.225,1:1.414,1:2.000
Variable 1:0.25~1:4.00 (in 1% increments)
 Continuous Copy  Speed*4 A4LEF/ B5LEF BW: 55 ppm
Color: 50 ppm
BW: 45 ppm
Color: 45 ppm
BW: 35 ppm
Color: 35 ppm
BW: 30 ppm
Color: 30 ppm
BW: 25 ppm
Color: 25 ppm
A4/B5 BW: 39 ppm
Color: 36 ppm
BW: 32 ppm
Color: 32 ppm
BW: 27 ppm
Color: 27 ppm
BW: 23 ppm
Color: 23 ppm
BW: 19 ppm
Color: 19 ppm
B4 BW: 32 ppm
Color: 29 ppm
BW: 26 ppm
Color: 26 ppm
BW: 23 ppm
Color: 23 ppm
BW: 20 ppm
Color: 20 ppm
BW: 16 ppm
Color: 16 ppm
 A3 BW: 27 ppm
Color: 25 ppm
BW: 22 ppm
Color: 22 ppm
BW: 20 ppm
Color: 20 ppm
BW: 17 ppm
Color: 17 ppm
BW: 14 ppm
Color: 14 ppm
 Paper Tray Capacity *5  Standard 2,090 sheets: 500 sheets x 4 Tray +Bypass 90 sheets
 Optional HCF B1: 2,030 sheets
Tandem Tray Module: 2,500 sheets (Available only for certain country)
 Optional 5,120 sheets: 500 sheets + Tandem Tray 2,500 sheets (500 + 867+ 1,133sheets) + HCF B1 2,030 sheets + Bypass 90 sheets
4,120 sheets: 500 sheets x 4 Tray + HCF B1 2,030 sheets + Bypass 90 sheets
 Continuous Copy *6 999 sheets
 Output Tray Capacity *5,7 Exit 2 Tray: 250 sheets (A4LEF),Lower Center Tray: 250 sheets (A4LEF)
 Power Supply AC220-240±10% / 110V±10%,10/15A for both 50/60Hz±3%
 Power Consumption 2.2KVA (AC220±10%)/ 2.4KVA (AC220+10%)/1.65KVA (110V±10%)
In Sleep Mode: 2W (220V) 1.5W (110V)
Low Power Mode 68W
Standby 130W
Low Power Mode 50W
Standby 80W
 Dimensions W 640 x D 685 x H 1,128mm (With Automatic Document Feeder)
 Machine weight *8 136kg (IIT/IOT+DADF+3TM) 133kg (IIT/IOT+DADF+3TM)
 Machine space W 1,064 x D 685mm (With Bypass Tray fully extended)